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Why I'm voting for Gary Johnson

I was going to write something about Liberals-vs-Libertarians, but Doctroid motivated me to write this instead so it will have to wait.

Why I am voting for Gary Johnson....

First, I need to address the notion that I am "wasting my vote." Read more...Collapse )
Here is a posting on a friend's LJ about a disagreeable interaction he had with a libertarian. Initially, I responded by posting extensive comments, but then I decided that he probably did not appreciate yet another multi-thousand word libertarian essay on his blog. So I'm moving my replies here, to this post and subsequent self-made comments.

Read more...Collapse )

Anime I have known and loved

thanks to Netflix

Elfen Lied
Gunslinger Girl
Blue Drop
Darker Than Black
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Next: Canaan or Vexille?

Nifty political poll: iSideWith.com

Pretty nuanced, too - you can expand the list of answers if the simple responses are too simplistic for you.

I came out Libertarian of course:
97% Gary Johnson (Lib)
74% Mitt Romney (Rep)
72% Virgil Goode (huh?)
20% Barack Obama (Dem)

85% Libertarian
81% Republican
37% Democrat
33% Green

Frankly, I'm surprised the Republican scores are so high. But then again, they often talk the talk but then don't walk the walk which is why I dislike them so.
Edit: more specifically, their support for crony capitalism is not one of their advertised planks, so I can't disagree with it through the quiz.

Aswan video hits 1000

Announcement here

Awake put to sleep

The wonderful WTFIGO TV series Awake was cancelled due to poor ratings. Fortunately, the writers had time to craft something of an ending. I wonder if it is anything like what they had intended. For what it's worth, here's what I think Det. Britten's "reality" was. Read more...Collapse )


Status report: I'm Just A Robot video

The music took... I don't know how long. That was back in 2000, and it was only my 4th song, and before I was keeping good records. Went from 5/1 to 8/19. Probably 50 hours. So far, the video has eaten up 83 hours and we are nowhere near the end. Read more...Collapse )

Not that I mind, just wondering

Will we see Kathleen Robertson get fu@#ed in every episode of Boss? I remember Ms. Robertson from Beverly Hills 90210, and at age 38 she still looks like a teenager. Kelsey Grammer not so much. It is interesting, however, to see him in a non-Frasier role, just as it was to see David Hyde Pierce in The Perfect Host

Note, I'm watching season 1 on Netflix (just saw episode 4), so don't tell me any spoilers about what happens next.


Don't try this at home

I was running an R session recently and I was distressed to find that x[1:10] returned a 10-element vector. Then I got really confused when x[1:] gave me a syntax error. Finally, I realized the underlying error. Don't try to learn R and Python at the same time.



As you may know, I am a fan of WTFIGO movies, and Franklyn is a fine specimen. At the outset, there are multiple story lines operating in parallel. One is a dystopian SF suspense thriller. The other two? three? four? (hard to tell at first) are human dramas set in contemporary London. About 2/3 of the way through, the clues give way to overt revelations, at least as far as the SF story line is concerned. By the end, all the lines converge in a satisfactory manner. I gave it 5 stars in Netflix because I want to see more like it.


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