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Secondary Interface is set free

Thank you very much for letting me see "Secondary Interface." I'm sorry it didn't strike me as quite suitable to our present needs.

Trevor Quachri

So I'll see about posting it on the web somewhere.


Secondary Interface

Just submitted a short-short (1500 word) humorous SF story to Analog SF magazine with the captioned title. It is intended for their "Probability Zero" section. We'll see if it's good enough for them. If not, it's good enough for the internet!


Gweepr/Zed is looking for creative people to collaborate on an animation project: Attack From The Third Dimension! Contributions from writers, artists, animators, set designers, modelers, composers, musicians, and sound designers are eagerly sought. The intent is to transform the existing radio play into a 16-million-color pixellated piece of SF comedy awesomeness.

Watch the trailer/invite on YouTube to get a feel for what it might look like.

Contact MajorZed at yahoo[dotcom] for more information.

I'm Just A Robot music video on YouTube

160 hours later...

A tribute to robots past, present, and future; real and imagined. We blame technology for a lot, but what if it could argue back? Original music released 8/2001.

majorzed.com is back online

... thanks to Google Sites. The site is not finished; I will be building it out gradually. But at least there is something in place after an inexcusably long hiatus.


Working on I'm Just A Robot Again

After nearly a year of leaving it molder on the hard drive, I'm back to work on the I'm Just A Robot music video. I put in 16 hours in the last 3.5 weeks. Approximately half of the ~7000 underlying frames have been rendered to PNG format. (There will be lyrics overlaid; those are long done.) But that's the easy half, so it will take more than 16 hours to complete.

The music was done in 2000 and since it was only my 4th song, I wasn't in the habit of tracking work hours. The video has taken over 100 hours since it was started in August of 2010. Hopefully I can roll it out before this August - along with a new website.

Another League Publication

A Perspective on Death in the Guns in America Symposium.


I just got published! (sort of, not really [1])
It's a science fiction story. (sort of, not really [2])
It was well-received. (true!)


[1] The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is a blog. But I had to get my submission accepted; that was not guaranteed.

[2] It's a slice-of-life, not a story. No plot. Could be the beginning of a story.

The Machinery of Freedom is Free

I just stumbled on David Friedman's 6/17/2010 post today because I was hoping to find something about his fabulous book, The Machinery of Freedom. This is a book I had read and thought I owned but apparently not. Now I do, thanks to Dr. Friedman.

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